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Tip plasty, also called nose tip surgery, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at addressing minor cosmetic imperfections in the tip of the nose. It is not technically a separate type of facial cosmetic surgery on its own, but is instead a targeted version of rhinoplasty. Both tip plasty and rhinoplasty can address both functional and cosmetic aspects of the nose, and both are delicate cosmetic procedures that require a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon. 

When might a patient benefit more from tip plasty versus rhinoplasty? We’ll talk here about which one might be better suited for your needs, but your best bet is to schedule some time with Dr. Ezzat for a personal evaluation where he can share more details, review your facial anatomy, and provide his professional opinion.

Rhinoplasty vs. Tip Plasty

A full rhinoplasty can be performed for cosmetic or functional purposes or a combination of both and is a very intricate procedure that can address all areas of the nose, including the bridge, the tip, and the internal structures. 

A tip plasty is simply a version of rhinoplasty that only focuses on the tip of the nose. Tip plasty will only involve revision of the cartilage at the tip of the nose, the softer, flexible portion of your nose. Nose tip surgery can achieve minor adjustments to the size, position, or shape of the tip of your nose, but won’t alter the bridge of your nose or the interior nasal structure.

When Is Tip Plasty the Right Choice?

If you are looking for only small adjustments to the size or shape of the tip of your nose, tip plasty may be a good option. As an example, if the tip of your nose is very slightly skewed to the left or right, but the rest of your nose is straight, nose tip surgery can help to achieve a straight nose appearance.

However, in almost all cases, patients are going to be more satisfied with a full rhinoplasty that can offer more dramatic and comprehensive results that better harmonize the nose with the rest of a person’s facial features. Even in the example above, you may want to adjust additional things about your nose, such as an animation deformity (where the tip is pulled down when you smile or make other facial expressions) or adjustment of the septum for improved breathing. It might sound nice to have a simple, quick procedure to alter the tip of your nose and get many of the benefits of a full “nose job.” The reality is that working only on the tip is almost never the best idea.

When you consult with Dr. Ezzat, he can recommend an individualized nose surgery plan designed around your own goals and his professional experience. His objective in every surgery is to achieve a pleasing result that his patients enjoy for years to come. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ezzat to discuss your specific needs, call our Boston office at 857-350-4205 or contact us online.

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