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Acne Treatment

Women and men with acne are often looking for a proven, permanent way to achieve consistently clearer skin. Regular washing and over-the-counter acne treatments may be able to keep most acne in check, but many people still suffer from adult acne that impacts their skin texture and health, not to mention their self-esteem.

You deserve the best acne treatment – one that works for active acne and older scars. At our office near Boston Common, IPL acne treatment (intense pulsed light) safely treats active acne inflammations on the face or body. This completely non-invasive treatment has the added benefit of improving overall skin tone, so you can enjoy a fully renewed, acne-free complexion.

When to Consider Acne Treatment

Some of the best reasons to seek IPL acne treatment include:

  • Having active acne that does not clear up with other skincare options
  • Having areas of cystic acne, larger painful bumps on the skin
  • Wanting to reduce the appearance of mild scarring due to prior acne flare-ups

Before Getting Acne Treatment

Preparing for an IPL acne treatment is fairly easy. The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure in the area to be treated and to apply sunscreen daily. You will be advised to avoid any medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen that may thin your blood or cause excess bleeding. It is also a good idea to avoid alcohol for a couple days before treatment and drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated.

We will review your health history and may provide additional pre-procedure instructions if you are taking antibiotics, oral acne medication, or retinoids.

Your Acne Treatment Procedure

We perform acne treatment on an outpatient basis, meaning you will go home the same day and will not need to spend time in a hospital.

Before treatment begins, we will apply a cold gel to the treatment area. If you are having treatment on the face, you will be given protective eyewear as well. During treatment, the IPL device is moved across the skin where you are experiencing acne. The IPL light achieves acne reduction in several ways. The light kills certain bacteria that cause acne inflammation. It also targets overactive sebaceous glands that are responsible for breakouts, and deep within the skin, it promotes new collagen growth to fight inflammation and reduce scarring.

The treatment is painless, though you may feel a mild flicking sensation as the broad-spectrum light is emitted from the device. The entire treatment takes an hour or less in most cases. Most people will need a series of treatments to adequately address their acne.

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After Your Acne Treatment

For a few hours after IPL acne treatment, your skin might have some redness and may feel warm to the touch. It is critical to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure for the treatment area so that you can get the best results. Otherwise, you will not have any activity restrictions after treatment. Makeup can be applied a day after your treatment.

We will schedule additional treatment sessions based on the degree of acne present and how well your skin responds to each application of IPL energy. We can estimate the number of treatments you will need at your initial consultation.

Your New Look

Within the first few days after your IPL treatment, you will start to notice a brighter complexion with reduced acne flare-ups. Your complexion should continue to improve over the next few weeks as collagen remodeling and regeneration naturally takes place in the deeper layers of skin.

If you are ready for a truly effective acne treatment that can deliver the smoother skin you really want, our advanced IPL laser can help. Contact us online or call our Boston office at 857-350-4205 to schedule your consultation.

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Acne Treatment
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