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Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Remodeling

The future of skin rejuvenation is now available at the Boston Center for Facial Plastics. Morpheus8, a system combining fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy with microneedling, can dramatically remodel and tighten deeper skin tissue. The result? A refreshed, toned and tightened skin appearance that can help you love the look you see in the mirror.

Morpheus8 goes well beyond traditional microneedling treatments by adding in radiofrequency energy to stimulate even more new collagen production. It can firm areas of lax skin, improve the appearance of sagging, and even remodel tissue in deflated areas of the face.

When to Consider Morpheus8

The most common reasons people seek treatment with Morpheus are:

  • Tightening sagging skin near the lower face and neck
  • Improving skin tone and texture
  • Improving the youthful qualities of the skin
  • Reducing tissue laxity that is not severe enough to require a facelift
  • Correcting acne and acne scars
  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening the skin around the eyes

Before Getting Morpheus8

Practically anyone can benefit from Morpheus8. It is safe for all skin types and can be done for patients of any age. Before your treatment, you’ll need to stop taking any medications that thin the blood. Keep in mind that this is more than just aspirin; even certain herbs and supplements can lead to excessive bleeding.

Smoking, vaping and using products containing nicotine should be stopped for a month prior to your treatment. These constrict the blood vessels and can lead to severe complications. You’ll also want to avoid garlic extract, fish oils, vitamin E and arnica.

Your Morpheus8 Procedure

Morpheus8 fractionally contours and remodels the skin and underlying tissue which is at the root of skin sagging, wrinkles, and facial volume loss. During treatment, the micropins on the Morpheus8 device reach deep into the skin and administer RF energy. This combination treatment causes your body to stimulate production of new elastin and collagen, and also remodels fat cells in the treated area. Collagen is a key building block of healthy skin, and increased collagen is correlated with plumper, more vibrant, and more youthful-looking skin.

The number of treatments needed to achieve the best results depends on your existing facial anatomy and goals for aesthetic correction. Most of our patients will need between 1 to 3 treatments.

Morpehus8 is not a surgical procedure and it can be performed entirely in our office setting. A local anesthetic and topical numbing are available for increased patient comfort during treatment.

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After Your Morpheus Treatment

In most cases, Morpheus8 recovery takes just 1 to 3 days. It is less harsh than more aggressive facial rejuvenation procedures, such as strong chemical peels or laser peels. The key to the procedure is the RF energy reaching deep below the surface skin to stimulate your body to produce natural remodeling over time.

Your New Look

Within weeks, you should start to notice changes in skin laxity. Over the next 3 to 6 months, the results should fully develop – yielding a more youthful and contoured result.

If you want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reverse skin laxity and replace lost facial volume, Morpheus8 deserves a close look. Contact us online or call our Boston office at 857-350-4205 to schedule your consultation.

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Morpheus8 from the Boston Center for Facial Plastics is one of the top choices for people who want to tighten and revitalize their skin without surgery.