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Chin Augmentation

The chin and jawline are two of the most prominent facial features for both men and women, and can have a significant effect on the shape and profile of your face. For some people, a disproportionate or recessed chin is a cosmetic concern that causes self-consciousness. Chin augmentation uses synthetic implants to help create a smooth, balanced facial contour that is in harmony with your other facial features.

The goal of chin augmentation is to create a more balanced appearance using synthetic implants to enhance the chin structure and jawline. Many people find that chin implants can drastically improve the balance of their nose and other prominent facial features by creating a more symmetrical and harmonious facial contour.

At our office near Boston Common, chin implants are the most common form of chin augmentation, and there are a variety of surgical techniques that can be used to achieve optimal results. The best chin augmentation technique for you will depend on your natural facial anatomy, your goals for your final results and other factors.

When to Consider Chin Augmentation

You could be a good candidate for chin augmentation if you are in good physical and mental health but are unhappy with the size, shape or profile of your chin and jawline. The ideal candidate for chin implants will have a fully developed facial structure. Keep in mind that your facial structure can continue to naturally mature and change until your late teens or early 20s.

Before Your Chin Augmentation

Prior to your chin augmentation, you will sit down with Dr. Ezzat to discuss your trouble areas, your goals and the details of your procedure. Dr. Ezzat will perform a physical examination to determine if chin implants could be right for you and, if so, which surgical techniques would be the best fit for your specific situation.

If you are also unhappy with the appearance of your nose, brow or other facial features, you can discuss the possibility of combining other facial plastic surgeries with your chin augmentation at this time as well.

Your Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation can be performed with either local or general anesthesia and is usually an outpatient procedure. Small incisions can be made either inside the mouth or under the chin, where they can be easily hidden. Synthetic implants are carefully inserted through the incisions, which are then closed using sutures and dressed.

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Your Chin Augmentation Recovery

Immediately after your chin augmentation, you may experience tenderness, swelling and bruising, which can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription pain medication, keeping your head elevated and using ice packs. 

Most people plan to take around one week off work and other daily obligations to recover from chin augmentation. You will need to limit strenuous physical activity for several weeks following your procedure. 

Your New Look

You should be able to get a good idea of what your final results will look like around one month after chin augmentation, though it can take many months for your results to fully develop.  

Chin augmentation on its own often helps to restore the balance of nearby facial features like the nose and cheeks, or it can be combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures for more comprehensive results. 

Contact us online or call our Boston office at 857-350-4205to take the first step toward reaching your ideal look with chin augmentation. 

Chin Augmentation FAQ

How do I choose the best facial plastic surgeon for chin augmentation near me?

Choose a chin augmentation facial plastic surgeon in your area who has ample experience performing facial plastic surgeries. These types of procedures are generally more intricate and complex than some other cosmetic procedures, as facial procedures require a delicate hand, advanced technical skill and an artistic eye in order to achieve natural-looking results.

Can this surgery correct asymmetry in the chin?

Chin augmentation is your best option to create balance and make the chin appear more even. If your chin sticks out on one side, it can create a very pointed or even off-center look. Through the augmentation process, symmetry can be created to help you look your best.

Is chin augmentation painful?

Most people find that recovery after chin augmentation is relatively mild, and tenderness and soreness are often managed with the use of over-the-counter pain medication. Dr. Ezzat will provide recovery guidelines to help maximize your comfort during your chin augmentation recovery. 

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