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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that form on our faces as a result of repetitive facial movements. The most common of these types of wrinkles are horizontal lines beside the eyes, also known as crow’s feet, and vertical lines between the brows, called frown lines. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a temporary muscle relaxant that can stop these muscles causing these wrinkles from contracting, for a more youthful look.

Dr. Waleed Ezzat is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. His extensive experience treating signs of aging in the face make him an optimal choice for Boston men and women interested in maintaining a youthful and natural appearance with BOTOX® injections.

Contact us online to learn more
about BOTOX® Cosmetic injections
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Contact us online to learn more
about BOTOX® Cosmetic injections
or call us today at 617-414-4980
to schedule your consultation.

When to Consider BOTOX®

The most common reasons people consider starting BOTOX® treatments include:

  • Crow’s feet, or wrinkles on the outsides of the eyes, caused by smiling or squinting
  • Furrows between your brows, or frown lines, making you look tired or anxious
  • Preventing wrinkles from forming before they start

The best candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic are in good overall physical and mental health and have realistic expectations for their treatment results.

Before Getting BOTOX® Cosmetic

Prior to your BOTOX® injections, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Ezzat or one of his aestheticians. During this time, you’ll learn the best way to prepare for BOTOX® to minimize the chances of any unwanted side effects. Some medications may not be suitable to take in conjunction with botulinum toxin, and certain health supplements can thin the blood and increase your risk of bruising. You should also avoid drinking alcohol for at least 2 days before your procedure.

Dr. Ezzat may also recommend additional treatments to complement your BOTOX® results. Many people combine BOTOX® treatments with injectable fillers, which fill in lost volume and can diminish some deep wrinkles that BOTOX® does not treat.

Your BOTOX® Injections

BOTOX® is known as a lunchtime treatment because the injection does not take very long. A cold compress is all that is needed to provide numbing to the sites of the injections. The product is then carefully injected into the facial muscles that create your dynamic wrinkles. Most people feel only a small pinch for each injection.

After Getting BOTOX®

There is no downtime required for BOTOX® injections. Once your BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure is finished, you may resume your normal routine. You will likely have some pinkness or swelling around the injection sites, but this can usually be hidden with a little makeup. You should avoid doing strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours following your appointment, as the activity may cause the product to move. Your results should begin to develop within 3 to 5 days, and most people can see their final outcome within 2 weeks of getting BOTOX®.

Your New Look

Following your BOTOX® treatment, you should notice a more youthful look to the face. Your dynamic wrinkles should appear less noticeable, helping you look well-rested. In the case of preventative BOTOX® treatments, you may simply notice a subtle rejuvenation. Starting BOTOX® early can prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming. Most people schedule routine BOTOX® injections spaced 3 to 6 months apart.

Contact us online or call our Boston office at 617-414-4980 to take the first step toward reaching your ideal look with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

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