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FaceTite™ and AccuTite™

If you have skin laxity in your chin, jowls or face, you might have looked into getting a facelift. But the cost, invasiveness and recovery of surgical procedures aren’t for everyone. You may not even be at the point where a facelift is the best option to address your tissue laxity. The good news is that you do not need to just accept sagging facial skin. FaceTite™ and AccuTite™ offer a nonsurgical alternative.

Both FaceTite and AccuTite use radiofrequency energy sources that target the skin from above and below, surpassing the results of surface-only treatments. The treatment tightens the vertical septi, boosts collagen and elastin, and even melts the fat underneath.

When to Consider FaceTite and AccuTite

The most common reasons people seek treatment with FaceTite and AccuTite are:

  • Tightening sagging skin near the lower face and neck
  • Reducing fullness in the skin
  • Improving the youthful qualities of the skin
  • Tissue laxity that is not severe enough to require a facelift

Before Getting FaceTite or AccuTite

Before your treatment, you’ll need to stop taking any medications that thin the blood. Keep in mind that this is more than just aspirin; even certain herbs and supplements can lead to excessive bleeding.

Smoking, vaping and using products containing nicotine should be stopped for a month prior to your treatment. These constrict the blood vessels and can lead to severe complications. You’ll also want to avoid garlic extract, fish oils, vitamin E and arnica.

Your FaceTite or AccuTite Procedure

Before your procedure, your skin will be numbed via a local anesthetic applied. Then, a very small incision will be made and a probe inserted beneath the skin. A surface applicator is also used. Radiofrequency energy is directed to the skin from above and below, passing through the tissue fibers and triggering the natural healing process, which causes the skin to become firmer. This heat will also destroy fat cells, causing the body to flush them out over time.

FaceTite and AccuTite are not considered surgeries. They are conducted in the office with local anesthetic and topical numbing. While a small incision is needed, it is not considered a surgery but rather a fairly simple in-office procedure.

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After Your FaceTite or AccuTite Treatment

In most cases, FaceTite and AccuTite recovery takes less than a week. There is usually a bit of swelling and bruising, but this resolves quickly. Typically, people return to work within just a few days of their treatment.

You will need to wear a headwrap for a few days to decrease swelling, then you can switch to wearing it only at night for about 1-2 weeks. There may be some medications you will need to take, which we will prescribe to you. Overall, there is minimal discomfort and few accommodations you need to make.

Your New Look

Within weeks, you should start to notice changes in skin laxity. Over the next 3 to 6 months, the results should fully develop – yielding a more youthful and contoured result.

If you want to reverse the clock and address sagging skin and excess fat on your face, FaceTite and AccuTite can help. Contact us online or call our Boston office at 857-350-4205 to schedule your consultation.

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FaceTite™ and AccuTite™
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FaceTite™ and AccuTite™
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