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Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins are a natural part of aging for many people. However, not everyone is comfortable having them visible on their face and body. If you are finding that you select your makeup and clothes based on what best hides your spider veins, it might be time to consider treatment.

We offer a laser spider vein removal technique that comfortably reduces the appearance of visible veins, boosting your confidence and helping you to look younger.

Contact us online to learn more
about your spider vein removal options
or to schedule your consultation.

Contact us online to learn more
about your spider vein removal options
or call us today at 617-414-4980
to schedule your consultation.

When to Consider Spider Vein Removal

The most common reasons to get spider vein removal include:

  • Reducing the visibility of the veins
  • Preventing the veins from becoming larger
  • Worrying about your veins to the point that it impacts your confidence

Before Your Spider Vein Removal

Once you schedule your appointment, stop smoking or using any products containing nicotine. As the day of your spider vein removal treatment nears, you will need to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs for 24 to 72 hours before your session. If you are taking antibiotics, contact the office, as your treatment may need to be delayed. For 24 hours before your treatment, stop using lotion, perfume and makeup on the targeted area. It is important to disclose any acne medication you are on as this may need to be discontinued.

Arrive at your appointment wearing comfortable and loose clothing. While you likely will not feel much discomfort after your spider vein removal, tight clothing can cause irritation.

Your Spider Vein Removal Procedure

Laser spider vein removal is an outpatient procedure that we perform in our office — no hospital stay is required. In most cases, it takes less than an hour, though this can vary based on how many areas are being treated.

Your provider will numb the area being treated and use the device’s laser energy to heat the veins. Depending on the size of the veins, this may require a small incision and the insertion of a catheter. The heat causes the vein to close on itself, and over a brief period of time, shrink and be reabsorbed by the body.

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After Your Spider Vein Removal Treatment

You will return home shortly after your procedure. You will need to carefully follow all of our instructions. These may include:

  • Using an ice pack to reduce swelling
  • Monitoring the treatment site for signs of a negative reaction
  • Wearing compression stockings, especially if larger veins were treated
  • Walking multiple times a day for at least 20 minutes
  • Avoiding hot baths

Your New Look

After your spider vein removal, you can enjoy a more even skin tone and allow the beauty of your skin to shine. Before you know it, you can be enjoying renewed confidence and greater freedom in your wardrobe and makeup.

Ready to get started? Contact us online or call our Boston office at 617-414-4980 to learn more about our spider vein removal treatment and schedule your initial consultation.

Rhinoplasty FAQs

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The average cost of rhinoplasty in the U.S. is around $5,000, in addition to costs associated with anesthesia, operating room facility fees and other expenses. 

Keep in mind that rhinoplasty costs will vary by location and from practice to practice.

Is rhinoplasty covered by insurance?

Rhinoplasty might be covered by insurance if it is deemed a medical necessity to restore proper function of your nose. If the procedure also has a cosmetic component, only a portion of the nose surgery may be covered by insurance. If it is purely for cosmetic reasons, your rhinoplasty will not be covered by insurance.

If you have specific questions or are unsure if your procedure could be covered, call the number listed on the back of your insurance card.

Can I view before and after photos of people near me who have had nose surgery?

Yes. View our online photo gallery to see before and after pictures of real people who have had rhinoplasty in the Boston area.

If you are considering nose surgery, it can be helpful to bring to your consultation photos of people with a similar facial structure as yours and whose nose shapes you admire.

How do I know if rhinoplasty is the best procedure for me?

Rhinoplasty can be performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons. If you are unhappy with the size, shape, asymmetry or function of your nose, this procedure may be a good fit for you. Dr. Ezzat will perform a physical examination and listen to your goals in-depth to help you decide if you could be a good candidate for nose surgery.

Does nose surgery hurt?

Nose surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during your procedure. Immediately afterward, expect to have some tenderness, bruising and swelling. These side effects are typically easily managed with the use of prescription or over-the-counter pain medications.

What can I expect during rhinoplasty recovery?

You will need to keep your head elevated while sleeping for at least the first week after nose surgery. Swelling, bruising, tingling and some numbness are to be expected, and these should gradually diminish over the next weeks.

Many people are able to return to work and other daily activities within about 2 weeks after getting nose surgery. Dr. Ezzat will ask that you limit physical activity for at least four weeks after your procedure.

When will I see my final results?

You will have a good idea of what your final results will look like around six weeks after rhinoplasty. However, it can take six months to a year for your final outcome to fully develop. Continue following Dr. Ezzat’s recovery guidelines in order to optimize the results of your nose surgery.

Do nose jobs last forever?

Yes, nose job results are long-lasting. That said, subsequent injuries or trauma to the nose can affect your results. Additionally, the natural aging process can cause subtle changes to your facial structure and appearance over time.

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