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BOTOX® remains one of the most-searched terms related to cosmetic treatments, holding this title for three years straight. According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, BOTOX and dermal fillers remain the two most popular cosmetic treatments.

So, what makes BOTOX so popular year after year, and is it right for you? This quick guide highlights some of the benefits of this king of cosmetic treatments to help you decide if you should get in on the action, too.

  1. BOTOX Treats a Range of Cosmetic Concerns

    While BOTOX is most commonly used to smooth away wrinkles on your forehead, at the corners of your eyes and in between your brows, it can also be used to temporarily erase lines and creases in other areas of your face.

    BOTOX is also sometimes used to temporarily relax the masseter muscles in your lower jaw to help achieve a different jawline shape and/or to address issues related to teeth grinding.

  2. BOTOX Can Be Used for Medical Reasons, Too

    In addition to its many cosmetic uses, BOTOX can also help to treat certain medical conditions, including hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and muscle spasms. If you are considering getting BOTOX for a medical purpose, discuss treatment options with your doctor before moving forward.

  3. BOTOX May Help to Prevent Wrinkles

    Getting regular BOTOX injections starting at a younger age might help to stave off lines and wrinkles in the future.

    Research has shown that getting regular BOTOX injections sooner rather than later can help to keep future wrinkles from forming in the first place. This is because BOTOX temporarily prevents the facial muscle contractions that cause dynamic wrinkles to develop over time.

To learn more about BOTOX or to see if you could be a candidate, contact us online or at 857-350-4205.


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