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There are plenty of myths and misinformation out there about nose jobs and what they can and cannot do. The truth is that rhinoplasty remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because modern surgical techniques have made it possible for both men and women to achieve the natural-looking and functional results they want.

In short, the modern nose job comes along with these three primary benefits.

  1. Emphasizes Natural, Balanced Results

    There is nothing fake-looking about a nose job that has been performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. The goal is to enhance your natural features and create very balanced results that maintain your natural facial proportions and unique qualities.

  2. Streamlines the Recovery Process

    Many people are surprised to find that the recovery process for rhinoplasty isn’t as extensive as they might have thought. Although you will need to wear a small cast for the first few days after your procedure, most people are able to return to their normal daily routines within two weeks after getting a nose job.

    In addition, most plastic surgeons rarely use surgical packing, which can make the recovery process that much more comfortable.

  3. Corrects Medical Problems

    Nose jobs can address both cosmetic and medical concerns.

    While rhinoplasty can help you to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing shape or symmetry to your nose, this procedure is also commonly performed to correct various medical conditions or to repair a nose injury or trauma.

Functional rhinoplasty might be right for you if you have a deviated septum that’s causing trouble breathing, persistent snoring or chronic nasal congestion.

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