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Rhinoplasties, also called nose jobs, are popular plastic surgery procedures that can come with a variety of both cosmetic and medical benefits. Once you’ve scheduled your procedure, there are a few things you can keep in mind right away to help you plan for a smooth recovery.

Take a look at some of these rhinoplasty recovery tips to help you prepare.

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  1. Know Which Medications to Avoid

    Certain medications and supplements, including aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and St. John’s wort, can thin your blood and therefore increase bruising. For this reason, you should avoid taking these medications in the weeks leading up to your rhinoplasty and during your recovery.

  2. Get a Little Help

    Most people plan to take about two weeks off of work after their nose job, so you’ll want to arrange for someone to help you out at home, at least for the first few days after your procedure.

    Getting help with things like meal prep, medications and childcare can help make your rhinoplasty recovery smooth and relaxing.

  3. Stock Up on Lip Balm and Cool Drinks

    During your rhinoplasty recovery, you’ll need to breathe through your mouth rather than your nose, so make sure you have lip balm and lots of cool drinks to sip on to help keep your lips and mouth from getting too dry.

  4. Take It Easy

    Although it might be tempting to jump right back into your daily activities, resist this urge. Give your body the time it needs to rest and recover after your nose job to limit the chances of complications and to maximize your results.

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