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The stigma that long-surrounded many plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty continues to diminish year after year, with more celebrities and social media influencers being upfront about their cosmetic procedures. However, along with this positive effect also comes the downside of countless edited photos on social media platforms warping the reality of what can and cannot be achieved through cosmetic nose surgery.

Read through this quick guide to better understand why bringing filtered social media photos to your rhinoplasty consult can be unhelpful and what you can do to better communicate your goals to your plastic surgeon.

What You See Is Not What You Get

It’s no secret that most social media photos are edited in some capacity, and most social media influencers use special lighting to take photos and videos. Editing, filters and lighting can all drastically change the appearance of facial features in photos, so the same person’s nose might look different in each picture. This makes it nearly impossible to create realistic goals for your own cosmetic nose surgery using those photos.

It can also be problematic when clients bring in heavily edited photos of themselves as inspiration for their rhinoplasty, because these photos often create a look that is impossible to achieve through surgery. Sometimes, the desired aesthetic result would compromise the functionality and structural integrity of the nose itself.

How to Blend Goals with Surgical Limitations

The most helpful pictures to bring to a nose job consultation are unedited photos of friends or family members with desirable features you’d like to emulate. During your consultation, discuss your main “trouble spots” with Dr. Ezzat so that he can help you create a realistic idea of what your rhinoplasty could achieve and what your final results could look like.

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