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While there’s no best age for a facelift, most people who get them are in their 40s, 50s or 60s. However, plastic surgeons everywhere have noticed a recent trend in people on the younger side of that range opting for facelifts. 

Here, we delve into some of the reasons why facelifts at 40 are becoming increasingly popular and how to tell if you could be at an ideal age to get one.

Why Younger Facelifts Are Trending

There are several reasons why more people in their early 40s are considering facelifts than ever before:

  • Advanced facelift surgical techniques allow for very smooth, natural-looking results that don’t compare to any of the “wind tunnel” looks of the past.
  • The “Zoom Boom” during and after the pandemic highlighted some facial imperfections that may have been overlooked before we began staring at ourselves on the screen all day.
  • There is now a greater focus on self-care, and many of the cultural and societal stigmas of plastic surgery are fading away.

Is It Better to Get a Facelift Younger or Older?

Generally speaking, it is better to get a facelift on the younger side, before facial sagging, wrinkles and creases have become so prominent that a facelift would show a very noticeable difference. Opting for a facelift in your 40s can make it easier to get a more seamless, natural-looking result.

On the other hand, however, you don’t want to get a facelift before you truly need one. The younger crowd (under 35) can often see great results with what’s sometimes called a “liquid facelift” — injectables like fillers and/or BOTOX® that don’t require surgery. Mini facelifts are another option that can provide incredible results without as extensive a surgery or recovery process.

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