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Largely due to social media, the myth that long-term filler use will ruin your face or make your skin sag has continued to circulate, leaving some people with concerns about getting fillers for the first time. However, these are just that: myths.

Injectable fillers are safe and effective anti-aging tools when used properly by a trained professional. But there are a few things you should know about fillers to see the best results and avoid mishaps like overfilling.

Filler Results Are Only As Good As Your Provider

In the hands of a skilled and experienced provider, fillers can yield excellent results that look natural and balanced. However, the opposite is also true: In the hands of an untrained provider, fillers can quickly go awry. Mistakes like placing too much filler in the wrong area can lead to unnatural and unbalanced results and can also increase the risk of complications.

Always verify the credentials of your provider before getting fillers to avoid potential complications.

Fillers Have Limitations

Fillers can be used in a number of ways to help you achieve your cosmetic goals, from smoothing away wrinkles to plumping your lips. But fillers aren’t a magic beauty wand that can address every cosmetic concern you have.

Using fillers for the right applications is key. Overusing them to try to correct every minor blemish can lead to an overfilled, unnatural appearance.

Fillers Won’t Cause Permanent Changes to Your Face

It’s a myth that you can’t “quit fillers cold turkey” without ruining your face. You can get fillers several times or only once in your life and your face will return to its natural appearance once the product wears away.

That said, there’s no way to stop aging altogether, and you will no longer see the anti-aging effects of filler once it has worn off.

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Speak the Truth: Can Fillers Actually “Ruin” Your Face?
Do fillers ruin your face or make your skin sag? Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Waleed Ezzat in Boston, Massachusetts answers these common questions.
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Boston Center for Facial Plastics
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