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Deciding whether or not facial plastic surgery could be right for you can be a challenge, though understanding the ins and outs of your cosmetic treatment options can be an excellent starting point.

Consider these three top facial plastic surgery tips to help guide your decision about getting a facelift, brow lift, nose job or other facial plastic surgery.

  1. Consider Nonsurgical Treatments First

    Some people choose to get injectables and/or other non-surgical anti-aging treatments before committing to facial plastic surgery. You might consider getting BOTOX®, for example, to smooth away the look of lines and wrinkles on your forehead or near your eyes before deciding to move forward with a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

  2. Have Realistic Expectations

    Though facial plastic surgery can yield smooth, natural-looking results, it’s important to remember that these procedures are not intended to make you look like someone else entirely, or like a Snapchat or Instagram filter. 

    Maintain realistic expectations throughout your facial plastic surgery journey to achieve optimal results that remain in balance and harmony with your natural facial features.

  3. Prepare for a Gradual Recovery & Results

    Your facial plastic surgery recovery and results won’t happen overnight. Expect some swelling and bruising, which may require several weeks to gradually diminish. Similarly, while your results will begin to become visible within the weeks following your procedure, it can take up to a year for your final results to appear. 

Remain patient throughout the healing process and keep an open line of communication with your plastic surgeon.

To schedule a facial plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Ezzat, contact us online or call our Boston office today at 857-350-4205.

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