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Thanks to modern medical technology and surgical techniques, today’s facelifts no longer feature the “windblown” or “pulled tight” look of the past. In fact, in the hands of a skilled facial plastic surgeon, your facelift results can be so natural-looking that no one has to know you had a facelift at all. 

The modern facelift has changed in several key ways to make such smooth, natural results possible. 

  1. Vertical vs. Horizontal

    Surgical techniques of the past tended to use a horizontal pulling motion to smooth away wrinkles and creases from the lower face. However, this could easily lead to a windblown look. Modern facelift techniques favor a vertical motion instead to more accurately counter the effects of gravity, which pull downward on your face. 

  2. More than Skin Deep

    Today’s facelifts go beyond just pulling the skin on the surface. Ligaments and muscles under the skin can be repositioned during a modern facelift, allowing for a much more natural-looking correction for sagging skin without the use of excessive tension. 

  3. Refined Surgical Techniques

    Overall, surgical techniques have improved and become more precise than in the past, allowing for smoother and faster facelift recovery times, lighter anesthesia and fewer instances of overcorrection or a “pulled” look.

For more information about facelift techniques or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Waleed Ezzat, contact us online or call our Boston office at 857-350-4205.

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