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Your facelift consultation is a time to discuss your goals in detail so that your plastic surgeon can get an understanding of what you hope to achieve through plastic surgery. Oftentimes, bringing in photos can help you communicate those goals, and it’s not uncommon for a plastic surgeon to ask that you bring pictures of your younger self to your facelift consultation.

As you move through this process, keep these two essential tips in mind so you know what to expect before your facelift.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

Just because you’ve shown your plastic surgeon a photo of yourself in your twenties doesn’t mean that you’ll look like you did in college after your facelift. Photos of your younger self can sometimes help to give your plastic surgeon a better idea of what you’re looking for and which techniques to recommend.

If your plastic surgeon doesn’t ask for photos of your younger self, don’t sweat it. Not all will ask for pictures, as everyone has their own protocol to help you prepare for your facelift. But if there’s something specific you want to discuss, feel free to bring in photos to help you clearly communicate your goals.

Results Will Happen Gradually over Time

A facelift could help you look years younger.

While most people get back to work and their social lives around two weeks after a facelift, don’t be alarmed if you feel like your results just aren’t there yet. It’ll take several months for you to begin to see results and your final outcome will not be fully present for almost one year.  So be patient with your body as it heals and adjusts.

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