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Fat Injections

When we think of a youthful face, we think of full cheeks and firm, smooth contours. As we grow older and begin to lose facial fat, we can develop thin, hollow cheeks or deep tear troughs, the area where the lower eyelid meets the cheek. By transferring fat cells from another part of your body to the face, you can restore lost facial volume for a younger and fuller facial appearance.

Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Waleed Ezzat is double-board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He focuses on subtle and natural-looking results using the best approach for each individual.

Contact us online to learn more
about fat transfer injections
or to schedule your consultation.

Contact us online to learn more
about fat transfer injections
or call us today at 617-414-4980
to schedule your consultation.

When to Consider Fat Transfer

The most common reasons for men and women to consider fat injections include:

  • Thin or deflated cheeks
  • Pronounced under-eye bags
  • Wrinkled or thin lips
  • Marionette lines, or deep creases from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the chin

Ideal fat transfer candidates have realistic expectations for their results and are in good overall physical and mental health.

Before Your Fat Grafting Procedure

Before you get facial fat transfer, you’ll have a private consultation with Dr. Ezzat or one of his aestheticians. During your consultation, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions about the procedure and discuss your reasons for wanting fat transfer. You will also learn about your options for donor areas that can be used to harvest fat cells to transfer to your face. You should avoid blood thinners, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, for 2 weeks before your procedure, and avoid drinking alcohol for at least 2 days. In smokers, the fat cells transferred tend not to survive as readily as in non-smokers.

Based on your cosmetic concerns, Dr. Ezzat may also suggest additional or alternative treatments to complement your fat transfer results. Some people interested in fat grafting find that dermal fillers are a better option for their needs. On the other hand, you may wish to combine the two options for different parts of the face. BOTOX® is another popular injectable product that can reduce dynamic wrinkles beside the eyes or between the brows. Finally, those interested in improving their complexion may be interested in laser skin resurfacing.

Your Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfer is a two-step procedure. First, Dr. Ezzat will harvest fat cells from the specified donor area. For many people, this is the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs or jowls. Fat is harvested using liposuction with a small-gauge needle to minimize any damage to the cells or surrounding tissue. After the fat cells are harvested, they are injected directly into the target areas of the face using a hypodermic syringe.

After Fat Injections

Facial fat transfer does not require you to take time away from work, but you may wish to rest for at least a couple of hours after your procedure. You can expect some amount of swelling in both the donor area and the treated areas of the face. You can hide any bruising with makeup and minimize swelling using cold gel packs or ice. You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours. You should start see your results within 4 weeks of your appointment.

Your New Look

Once your final fat transfer results develop, you should notice firmer, more youthful contours to the face. You should appear replenished and rejuvenated in areas that were previously thin or sagging.

Contact us online or call our Boston office at 617-414-4980 to take the first step toward reaching your goal appearance.

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Fat Transfer Injections (Microfat Grafting)
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Fat Transfer Injections (Microfat Grafting)
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Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Waleed Ezzat offers facial fat transfer injections, also known as fat grafting, as an alternative to synthetic fillers.
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