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With the ever-changing nature of quarantine guidelines and recommendations due to COVID-19, it can be hard to tell when you might be able to schedule your next injectable filler appointment. But the goods news is that there are some things you can do at home to help make fillers last longer so you can make it until your next appointment, even if it is delayed a bit.

  1. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

    UV rays can penetrate glass, so you can get sun damage while driving in your car or sitting next to a window in your home office.
    Even during a snowy and cold winter, your skin can still be damaged by the sun. This is especially true if you’re spending more time outdoors than you usually would due to the pandemic. The sun’s UV rays can reflect off of white snow, making them stronger when they hit your skin. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from signs of aging, even in the winter months. 

  2. Use the Right Skincare Regimen

    The right products and ingredients for your skin type will help your skin get the boost it needs from the inside out to continue to look and feel healthy and youthful. However, using the wrong products could have the opposite effect, so talk with your skincare professional to ensure your skincare regimen is right for your skin type.

  3. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    This tip might go hand-in-hand with some of your New Years’ resolutions: Stop smoking, avoid excessive alcohol use, reduce stress, drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. All of these habits are great for your entire body, including your skin!

For more information about injectable fillers or to schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call our Boston office at (857) 350-4205.


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