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A broken nose can be incredibly painful. It’s also the most common facial injury. A broken nose can cause disfigurement and lead to ongoing functionality issues.

Some signs that your nose is actually broken include pain, swelling, crookedness or hearing a cracking sound when you touch it. It’s important to see a doctor who can diagnose the break, and who can help you decide whether you need to have rhinoplasty to correct functional or cosmetic problems caused by the injury.

Don’t Wait to See a Nose Surgery Specialist

The nose is delicate and protrudes further out from the face than your other features, making it more vulnerable to injury.

If you suspect your nose is broken or have confirmed as much at an emergency room or care center, your next step should be to see a specialist as soon as possible. Depending on when your injury occurred, a nose and face specialist may recommend surgery right away. If your bones have already begun to heal from the break, you may have to hold off on any kind of nose surgery for a while. Your physician can help you understand how this works, and answer your questions about whether your nose surgery could be covered by insurance.

You may want to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on facial surgery before going forward with any surgery to fix your broken nose. Working with a plastic surgeon who understands facial aesthetics as well as nasal mechanics and functionality can make all the difference in how your nose looks after rhinoplasty.

Not every broken nose needs plastic surgery. When it does, choosing the right professional is a key factor for a smooth recovery and beautiful results.


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