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You probably already know that BOTOX ® can temporarily minimize certain types of lines from your face.* Because it works by relaxing the muscles that actually cause dynamic wrinkles to form, more people are starting BOTOX earlier in the hopes of preventing those wrinkles from worsening or even from forming in the first place. If you’re curious about using BOTOX as a preventative anti-aging treatment, it’s important to get your facts straight first.

Age Is Just a Number

The amount of facial aging you have is a lot more important than your chronological age in terms of deciding if it’s time to start preventative BOTOX. Some people may begin experiencing dynamic wrinkles in their 20s, while it might take another decade for the same lines to appear on another person’s face. This disparity is generally the result of a combination of genetics and lifestyle habits, such as whether you’ve been a smoker or had a lot of sun exposure.

How Young Is Too Young?

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repeated facial movements, like squinting or smiling.
With all that said, is there a point where someone is simply too young to get BOTOX? Generally, people who are under 25 don’t even have dynamic wrinkles. However, there has been a trend toward even people at that age or younger opting for preventative BOTOX. If you’re not sure whether it’s too early for you, talk to a board certified facial plastic surgeon who can give you solid and specific advice. While you can technically get BOTOX at 18, most reputable practitioners would probably not agree to administer it to someone so young.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


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